Open Platform System

The advanced spectroscopic building block system for your lab

The Open Platform system comes with stabilized high output long life LED light source, a choice of 110 V or 220V power supply, liquid or solid sample holder, optical filters and all cables. Choice of software and spectrometer are available.

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The Open Platform System from Wilson Analytical features an optical plate that allows the easy mounting of a selection of light sources, sample holders and spectrometers.

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Light Sources

Wilson Light Sources.jpg
  • Custom designed and manufactured by Wilson Analytical

  • Optically stabilized, long life, high-intensity LED Light Sources

  • Individual LED wavelengths available in 365 nm (UV), 405nm (violet),
    450 nm (blue), 520 nm (green), and 850 nm (near IR)

  • Polychromatic light sources using white-light LED (400 – 850 nm),
    high-output tungsten-halogen incandescent (380 – 2500 nm),
    or tungsten-deuterium UV-Vis (200-1100 nm)

Filter Holders

Filter Holders edited.jpg
  • Output modification is easy using 12.5 mm diameter round filters held in our original filter holder (Left)

  • For those who switch out filters regularly try the NEW Quick Release Filter Holder (Right)

Sample Holders

Cuvette Holder for Liquids

Cuvette Holder Photo-edited.jpg
  • The three-optical-port cuvette holder ensures easy measurements of liquids whether in fluorescence, absorbance or transmission configuration

  • Hinged, interlocked cap improves safety and spectral sensitivity

  • Anodized aluminum body and o-ringed sapphire windows in all optical ports ensure easy cleaning

  • Integrated spill-recovery drain system

  • Uses standard 10 mm square cuvettes and works with the Wilson Quick Release Optical Filter Holder

  • Port cap covers inactive ports to improve spectral sensitivity

Solid Sampler

Solid Samplers.jpg
  • The Solid Sampler is based on a rotating stage, which allows the user to test solids and liquids at various angles between the light source, sample and spectrometer.

    • The lid makes a light-tight seal around the sample, and both black (low internal reflection) and white (high internal reflection) versions are available.

    • The lid is interlocked for safety and to improve spectral sensitivity

SS with 13 mm disk sample.jpg
  • Several different types of flat solid samples can be run:

    • 13 mm cut solids or pressed powder pellets are held by the disk mount

    • Microscope slides or similar are held in the open mount

    • Spectra are collected off of the front side of the sample through the 10 mm aperture in the mount

SS Cuvette Holders.jpg
  • Two types of cuvette holders are also available:

    • An “offset” cuvette holder for measurements directly off of the surface of sample in the cuvette. For front-surface measurements from materials that do not transmit light well, such as dark liquids, slurries and powders. It can be used for surface reflection or surface fluorescence analyses, as well as for electrochemical measurements when reflection electrodes are placed close to the wall of the cuvette.

    • A “centered” cuvette holder for regular solution analyses where the sample is transparent, and the incident light will pass through the liquid to allow for molecular excitation (for solution fluorescence) or for molecular absorption (for absorption or transmission measurements). Also for electrochemical measurements when the electrodes are designed to let light pass through

  •  The inside of the Solid Sampler lid has three ports to let light in and out. Each port can hold a 12.5 mm optical filter or an attenuator:

    • Three different light attenuators are available: Disk A for no light transmission, Disk B for low transmission and Disk C for high light transmission.



  • All Flame-sized or larger Ocean Optics spectrometers work with the Wilson OPS. They are available for purchase through Wilson Analytical, or existing Ocean Optics units can be easily installed in the system

  • For advice on selecting the best spectrometer for your needs, refer to Ocean Optics “Interactive Product Search” at

  • Other brands of small spectrometers may work, please contact us for further information

  • Spectrometer slide mounts and customer interface cables are available for all compatible systems

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